Rawson Lake

- 4.5 Kilometers
- Easy to Intermediate
- Half Day

Hiking, Biking and Camping permitted


Rawson Lake

Access: Kananaskis Lakes Trail
Parking: Upper Lake
Nearby Camping: Interlakes
- Hike, approx. 1.5 hrs
- Good Fishing, open July 15th.

These lakes all have different features that make them favorites, and in the case of Rawson it's the lake itself and not so much the trail, which is nothing more than a steady uphill climb through the forest. It's a pretty easy hike and the lake's well known for it's fishing, so you'll see lots of people on the weekends including whole families going up for the afternoon ... not exactly the kind of isolation you get to experience at Burns or Talus lake, but it's a fun place to spend a few hours and catch some trout. It's beautifully situated on a cirque below Mount Sarrail and the surrounding scenery is sure to please as there's a little of everything and lot's to explore.

From the west end of the UpperLake parking lot take the Upper Kananskis Lake trail (which goes around the lake) past the Sarrail Creek Falls until after about a kilometer or so there's a trail to your left (south) going up into the forest. Here you'll climb steep switchbacks for a few kilometers until it evens out and soon you're trampling on boardwalks put in to cover the swampier portions of the trail as you get close to the lake.

The high cliffs of Sarrail tower above the lake, flanked by slopes of forest, meadow and scree making it a grand spectacle indeed ... And there's even an outhouse. You'll usually see fly fishermen lining the shore, and there's even a chance for a minor league spin caster like myself to snag a fair sized cutthroat here.