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The Lake Trails

These Hiking trails include such added features as fishing, camping and some mountain biking. Be sure to check the accompanying Trail Sign Info for each.

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The Bike Trails

Mountain Biking is the primary feature here, and you should seriously consider the degree of difficulty for each. Also make sure you're properly equipped with sufficient water, a bear bell, bear spray, and a finely tuned bike!

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The Lake Trails

Rawson Lake

If you're new to hiking in the backcountry or simply want a quick introduction to the many great trails in K-country, then a good starting point is the short trail from Highway 40 to Elbow Lake. It is a relatively easy 30 - 45 minute trek uphill (1.5 kilometers) that takes you to an impressively scenic alpine lake, an unexpected gem so close to the Kananaskis highway. It also has a primitive backcountry campground which can appeal to families and backcountry novices.

My criteria for choosing the Lake Trails profiled on this website are the primary attributes of accessibility, versatility, and scenic quality ... in other words, the trails I think give you the "best bang for your buck".

Notably absent from this website though are Galatea and Chester Lakes, particularly because they've become the type of popular tourist attractions I try and avoid whenever possible. After all, the attraction for me is the remoteness and serenity of the experience, not the hustle and bustle that I'm actually striving to escape from. But in no way is this meant to detract from the rewarding experience those two Lakes provide, in fact Galatea is often cited as the prettiest lake in all of K-country. However, should you decide to take on one of these popular day-hikes, plan it for a weekday if you can.

The Ribbon Creek trail is another of those high traffic areas due to it's close proximity to Kananaskis Village, but it's so chock full of rewarding components that I could couldn't be omitted.

NOTE: The Trail Sign information provided is intended only as a general guide, with symbols signifying what is permitted or recommended. The "Tent" symbol applies only to designated primitive backcountry canpgrounds.

The Bike Trails

Goat Creek

The Mountain Bike Trails profiled on this website are by and large my favorite half-day & full-day bike trips in Kananaskis, and with the exception of Goat Creek, Baldy Pass and Barrier Lookout, most of these are accessed by way of Hwy. 66 west of Bragg Creek.

For the local Mountain Biking fraternity this region provides quick access to premium mountain trails, making weeknight sojourns after work extremely popular during the summer months. Also, the close proximity and inter-connection of several trails with each other means you can customize them into various combinations for longer, more challenging rides on weekends.

Ensure that you're always prepared with the essentials such as protein bars or some form of energy supplement, a camel back with at least 2 Liters of water, and a pump along with spare tire tubes.

These trails range from Easy (Goat Creek) to pretty demanding (Powderface Ridge) depending on your ability, so there's a little of everything here, but be prepared if you're unfamiliar with the area because what some may consider easy could be unexpectedly difficult for others. Just go at the pace that is most comfortable for you.

A good starting point for beginners would be Goat Creek trail from Canmore to Banff (1.5 to 2 hrs of mostly downhill riding), OR for something a little more demanding, the Powderface-Prairie Creek half loop (a short connector links these two trails at the half-way mark) also 1.5 to 2 hours, but more challenging with a higher degree of uphill climbs and technical singletrack.